Kindle Content Trumps eReader April 30th, 2009
Patrick Stein

Until the most recent releases of eReader, content was a close call between the Kindle app and eReader on the iPhone. Now, eReader dropped the ball, and Kindle scored on them.

What eReader Botched

Until the most recent release, eReader let you add books to your bookshelf from places like that provide free books in eReader format. I am hoping it was just an oversight when they wove in their own site a bit tighter. We shall see. It is obvious from the app reviews that the customers are annoyed.

The Kindle Advantage

You can download the free books mentioned above for the Kindle as well. You just have to jump through some hoops and re-upload them to Amazon before you can get them onto the Kindle app.

In addition to this, the new content available on Amazon is newer and cheaper than the content on the eReader site. It has always seemed wrong to pay full paperback prices for a book at eReader. eBooks for the Kindle seem to run between half and two thirds of the paperback prices.

Where To Go From Here

At the moment, I am stuck using both apps. I bought and got quite a few books in my eReader bookshelf, and it’s a better app anyway. But, there’s some newer, cheaper content at Amazon. And, now, if I want Project Gutenberg books or other free books, I’m going to have jump through Amazon’s hoops.