Apple Missed Their Own Boat On iPhone Backups May 28th, 2009
Patrick Stein

We’ve been able to rearrange apps on our iPhones for a year now, right? We’ve been able to move apps around to different screens.

For even longer than that, we’ve been able to reload our iPhones from backups.

Why, oh why, does a backup not contain the information about which app icons are where? How hard is this? I have 96 apps on my iPhone. Every single one of them still remembers its data despite the fact that I had to wipe the phone and start over yesterday. Sadly, the phone didn’t remember where any of the apps belong.

I spent the better (or worse as the case may be) part of an hour putting my apps back into a useful order. I can find several tutorials on the iPhone developer site that demonstrate how one might save such data in a location that gets backed up. Seriously….