Emacs + Slime + SBCL on Windows Vista May 27th, 2009
Patrick Stein

I just finished setting up Windows Vista to run in VMWare Fusion. Then, I finally tackled setting up Emacs with Slime and SBCL under Windows Vista.

For the most part, I followed Robert Zubek’s gameplan. However, I quickly ran into a problem with swank’s temporary files not being in a writable location. I wish I had found this thread sooner. Alas, I ended up rolling my own by tweaking the temp-file-name function in swank-sbcl.lisp. The new version looks like this:

(defun temp-file-name ()
    "Return a temporary file name to compile strings into."
  #-win32 (concatenate 'string (tmpnam nil) ".lisp")
  #+win32 (concatenate 'string
                       (sb-ext:posix-getenv "TEMP")
                       (symbol-name (gensym "SL"))