Still No Word On The Clifford Algebra Text May 29th, 2009
Patrick Stein

I still haven’t heard back from Cambridge University Press about using one of their books to publicly study Clifford algebras. So, I started looking around for alternate texts.

My second choice book is Clifford Algebras and Spinors by Pertti Lounesto. This, too, is published by Cambridge University Press. Feh.

I started poking around for other topics instead. How about a related topic? I grabbed Differential Forms and Connections by R.W.R. Darling from my shelf. It, too, is Cambridge University Press.

Alright, different topic. How about Galios theory? I grabbed A Course In Galois Theory by D.J.H. Garling from my shelf. It is Cambridge University Press. The other two Galois theory books that I have are not from Cambridge University Press, but I’m not sure they are as useful.

I can’t find any good Clifford algebra texts that are not Cambridge University Press. This Geometry of Differential Forms by Shigeyuki Morita is published by the AMS. It looks decent from a quick glance on Google books.

Any suggestions?