Thinking in the Car June 18th, 2009
Patrick Stein

I think best while driving. Unfortunately, I rarely have time to get my thoughts down in text when I get back home.

There are a couple iPhone apps that claim to have voice-to-text: QuickVoice PRO w/Voice2Text, reQall, and Jott. It seems that reQall and Jott require me to sign up for their web services. reQall has both a free and a pay web service. Jott only seems to have a pay service. So, I will probably try them in that order until I find one that I like or get frustrated with the whole process.

It seems that QuickVoice PRO uses SpinVox to do their voice-to-text. I am not impressed with the test message. I said, This is just a test. open parenthesis foo close parenthesis. The email that I got back says:

This is just a test of open(?) friends to see who close friends to see. – spoken through SpinVox