USerial Library — v0.3.2011.03.05 March 4th, 2011
Patrick Stein

I have released a new version of my serialization library. I hope no one has dug in too far on using it yet because I rearranged the interface a fair bit in this release. To accommodate more complex serializers and unserializers as well as supporting a with-buffer macro, the buffer is no longer the first argument to the serialize and unserialize methods. Now, it is a &key argument to the serialize and unserialize generics. Further, the serialize and unserialize generics also &allow-other-keys.

In an intervening and unannounced release, I added serializers for slots and accessors.

In this release, I have also really fleshed out the documentation and examples.

For instructions on obtaining and using the USerial library, please refer to the USerial library web page.

Edit: This had been v0.3.2011.03.04, but I made a minor update to add MIT License and correct a few glitches in the docs. Now, it’s v0.3.2011.03.05.