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Szemeredi wins the Abel PrizeIzabella Laba
(30.03.2012 20:00h)

Congratulations to Endre Szemerédi on winning this year’s Abel Prize in mathematics! Ever since my work took a turn towards combinatorics years ago, I have been constantly awed by the breadth, depth and vision in Szemerédi’s work. His impact on mathematics has been beyond profound, not just in combinatorics, but also in many adjacent fields, from harmonic analysis and number theory to computer science. I am especially happy to see his name alongside those of the previous prize winners, such as Serre, Atiyah and Singer, Carleson, Lax, Gromov, or Milnor. He has long deserved this level of recognition. Tim Gowers, ... [Link]

Trout Lake ParkIzabella Laba
(30.03.2012 20:00h)

This may look like autumn foliage, but actually the reds, yellows and oranges are the new twigs that have not yet started putting out leaves. Photo taken in Trout Lake Park, on one of the sunny days we had earlier this week. Click on the image for full size. [Link]

a very short expository noteBuffon’s needles
(30.03.2012 20:00h)

One of the things I have been working on in the last few years is the Favard length problem. The question is to estimate the average length of a 1-dimensional projection of a finite iteration of a 1-dimensional self-similar Cantor set in the plane. My work with Zhai, and especially with Bond and Volberg, has pointed to connections with classical questions in number theory, including tilings of the integers, diophantine approximation of logarithms of algebraic numbers, and vanishing sums of roots of unity. If you would like to find out a little bit more about this, but don’t necessarily feel ... [Link]

The Sunday afternoon photo postIzabella Laba
(30.03.2012 20:00h)

This is becoming a custom of sorts, so here you go. I love the view from this particular spot at Van Dusen. The colours are, apparently, what happens when you use the indoor “flash off” setting to shoot landscapes. I kind of like it that way. Click on the image for full size. [Link]

Women in math, and the overhaul of the publishing systemIzabella Laba
(30.03.2012 20:00h)

If you have not yet heard of the Elsevier boycott, you have a lot of reading to catch up on. I’ll wait. I’m not likely to miss traditional commercial publishers when they’re gone, which could well happen within the next decade or so, especially if they and their agents keep asking for it. Think whatever you want about the Cost of Knowledge website, but open access journals have already gained a lot of ground, we have taken charge of the dissemination and advertising of our own research on the internet, and good luck to any journal that tries to stop ... [Link]

Summer schoolIzabella Laba
(30.03.2012 20:00h)

Christoph Thiele, Malabika Pramanik and myself are organizing the summer school “Harmonic Analysis, Geometric Measure Theory and Additive Combinatorics”. The school will focus on questions at the interface of harmonic analysis, geometric measure theory and additive combinatorics, including applications of harmonic analytic and additive combinatorial methods restriction theorems, trigonometric polynomial estimates to measure theoretic problems. In particular, many questions in geometric measure theory and harmonic analysis for example, concerning projections of sets or the occurrence of prescribed patterns in them explore various concepts of “randomness” of sets. Similar phenomena for discrete sets have been investigated in additive combinatorics, and we ... [Link]

Fly me to the moonIzabella Laba
(30.03.2012 20:00h)

Yesterday afternoon at Van Dusen. [Link]

Let’s overhaul the seminar!Izabella Laba
(30.03.2012 20:00h)

With all the talk in the blogosphere recently on how we should overhaul the science publishing system, I started thinking about what else might be in need of an update… and, well, isn’t it time to rethink the weekly ritual of the seminar? The research seminar as practiced today has been around for centuries. Its format goes back to the days when the primary means of disseminating scientific research were journal publications and handwritten letters exchanged between scientists – that is, of course, unless you were lucky to attend a seminar given by a visiting scientist who would tell you ... [Link]

Symmetry breaking.Izabella Laba
(30.03.2012 20:00h)

I got this a couple of days ago. Yesterday’s rain has washed away all the snow. [Link]

Thursday’s ChildIzabella Laba
(30.03.2012 20:00h)

Never mind that it’s actually Tuesday. I was really in the mood for this. [Link]

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