Math News July 20th, 2009
Patrick Stein

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HR. CardColmstrauss
(13.04.2012 22:59h)

Colm Mulcahy, of Spelman College in Atlanta, joins us to share his ice cream trick from his CardColm mathematical card trick column on the MAA website! You’re invited to explain how this works in the comments below. Colm also shares a quick puzzle, tweeted on his What Would Martin Gardner Tweet feed @WWMGT. And finally we touch on the Gathering For Gardner and the Celebration of Mind, held all over the world around the time of Martin Gardner’s birthday, October 21. And at last we get around to answering our quiz from a few weeks ago. There are indeed two ... [Link]

A brief EPSRC updategowers
(13.04.2012 09:57h)

Last summer I wrote a post about EPSRC’s plans to direct their funding towards certain areas and not others, and in particular on its effect on mathematicians, the most dramatic of which was to restrict their fellowships, which had previously been available throughout mathematics, to statistics and applied probability. The strongest argument I could see in favour of EPSRC’s position was that they were reviewing the various subareas of mathematics before deciding which should be grown, which maintained and which shrunk, and that so far only statistics and applied probability had been reviewed with a decision that it should be ... [Link]

Pictures from the Gatheringstrauss
(13.04.2012 08:29h)

Farewell Tom Rodgers, founder, visionary and force behind the Gathering For Gardner. He has added a lot to the world and his legacy will go on and spread. In that spirit, we all hope you’ll join in the Celebration of Mind, maybe hosting your own event sometime around Martin Gardner’s birthday each year on October 21! I, like so many others, am deeply indebted to Tom; through his generosity and a fair amount of his typical forceful prodding! he enabled me and my collaborator Eugene Sargent to begin working together making large mathematical sculptures. Here are a few pictures of ... [Link]

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