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A Really Nice Talk About PDE, Numerics and Pyramids Gil Kalai
(30.04.2012 19:07h)

My previous post recommended a really nice talk by Jonathan Israel about human rights. Here is the link again. It is very recommended. Actually, I was in the audience and after the lecture, at the reception, I came to the lecturer to compliment him for the talk, except that I approached a different, rather similar looking, person. I am not going to make it a habit on this blog to recommend good videotaped lectures available on the Internet unless this new Genre will lead to a sky-rocketing rating , but, just one more time, let me recommend you a really ... [Link]

A look at a few Tripos questions IIIgowers
(30.04.2012 15:53h)

Here’s another one. 10F. State without proof the Integral Comparison Test for the convergence of a series of non-negative terms. Determine for which positive real numbers the series converges. In each of the following cases determine whether the series is convergent or divergent: i , ii , iii . I don’t know exactly what was referred to in the course as the integral comparison test, but since all the sequences being summed are monotone decreasing I’ll go for a neat statement that assumes that and coincides with what Wikipedia refers to as the integral test . Let be a decreasing ... [Link]

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