Math News July 20th, 2009
Patrick Stein

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The mathematics department at TU Munich cancels its subscriptions to Elsevier journalsgowers
(04.05.2012 22:05h)

A natural way that one might hope to bring about a genuine change to the current subscription model where libraries pay through the nose for journals is that i we all put our papers on the arXiv and ii the libraries conclude, correctly, that the benefits from their very expensive subscriptions do not justify the costs. Bundling across subjects makes this a lot more difficult of course, but it seems that some institutions in Germany do not subscribe to the Freedom Collection see previous post for a definition , which makes it easier. And now there is an example. The ... [Link]

Quivering with ExcitementThe n-Category Café
(04.05.2012 07:50h)

Over on Google+, David Roberts just told me the most exciting theorem I’ve heard all week. Every projective variety is the Grassmannian of a quiver representation! I suppose it’s just another indication of the ‘wildness’ of quiver representations once we leave the safe waters of Gabriel’s theorem. Let me explain…. To briefly recall: a quiver is a category Q freely generated by a finite directed graph. A quiver representation is a functor F:Q→FinVect. In other words, it’s just a finite-dimensional vector space for each vertex and a linear operator for each edge. A morphism of quiver representations is a natural ... [Link]

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