Fog of Light May 15th, 2017
Patrick Stein

Fog of Light is a Relativistic-Time Strategy game. In it, you fight to conquer a star system, commanding your units from your star base. The speed of light is your biggest obstacle!

Fog of Light – Starting to Add Star-Fields May 28th, 2017
Patrick Stein

I have finally written my first OpenGL code using GLSL. Whew. That took way too long to get all working correctly. I promise, soon, I will upload some sample code so that others may not have to stumble as long as I did. For the star-field, I generate a few thousand 2-D points. Each point […]

Fog of Light – Getting Underway May 15th, 2017
Patrick Stein

Dauntless (The Lost Fleet, Book 1) was the first science-fiction book I read that tried to deal with space combat with the real-world constraint that light only travels so fast. It takes light eight minutes to get from the Sun to Earth. It takes light more than a second to get from the Earth to […]