Clozure Common Lisp on the Raspberry Pi April 8th, 2014
Patrick Stein

I finally ordered a Raspberry Pi last week. It arrived yesterday. Last night, I installed the Raspbian (Debian for Raspberry Pi) distro. Then, I followed Rainer Joswig’s excellent instructions on how to get Clozure Common Lisp running on the Raspberry Pi.

The only think that I would add to Rainer’s presentation is that Raspbian didn’t come with m4(1) out of the box, but it is needed when you make all to rebuild Clozure.

Hacks and glory await!

Also, Linux pro-tip: If you are thinking of renaming your only account on the machine, make sure you add the new name to a group with sudo privileges and make sure you get both /etc/passwd and /etc/shadow in the same sudo.

Edit: Rainer correctly points out that his article does say you will need to install m4 if you haven’t already. I just missed it.