SLIME/noweb-mode/Lisp tip May 7th, 2010
Patrick Stein

Just a quick tip here if you use SLIME for Lisp and use Lisp as a noweb-code-mode…. Either change slime-auto-connect to 'ask or 'always or just remember to start slime before you wander into a Lisp code chunk. If you don’t, noweb-mode gets all confused and won’t code-highlight your Lisp or switch back to doc-mode when you leave that chunk.

I spent a long time just thinking noweb-mode was entirely broken if there were single quotes or less-than signs in any document chunk. Alas, it just needed SLIME to stop chucking a Not connected error.

TC Lispers, July Presentations Online July 19th, 2009
Patrick Stein

The July meeting of the Twin Cities Lisp Users Group was this past Tuesday. There were four presentations on the agenda:

The presentation slides and videos of the talks are available through the links above, and directly at the site. Enjoy!