Geometric Algebra Software May 20th, 2009
Patrick Stein

This page contains software libraries for Clifford algebras with orthonormal bases. My original software is a set of C++ template classes. Soon, there will be a Lisp library, as well.

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Offsite Links about Clifford Algebras

C++ Clifford Algebra library getting some use… April 13th, 2010
Patrick Stein

The C++ template classes that I wrote years ago have been one of the most consistent draws to my my website. Every time I check the search terms that brought someone to my site, there are always a few hits for Clifford algebras. I just received some email today from Mijail Guillemard at the University […]

geoma v1.2.2007.08.20 August 20th, 2007
Patrick Stein

This version simply contains some tweaks to deal with more modern C++ compilers. The documentation and its gpg signature. The source code . and its

geoma — fractal generator May 17th, 2000
Patrick Stein

Here is the source code for a fractal generator. It serves as a simple example of how to use the C++ template classes. At the right, there is an example output image.