Woolly Application Underway December 14th, 2009
Patrick Stein

I started building an application on top my Sheeple/CL-OpenGL library Woolly.

I coach a volleyball team. I often sit down with a piece of paper and try to determine new serve-receive and defensive positions for my team. This is quite tedious because I can’t just move the players around on the page. Additionall, I have to figure this out for all six rotations while keeping the overlap requirements in mind the whole time.

I tried once doing it with cut-out players. This worked better, but still suffered from having to track the rotations and overlap requirements all myself.

rotations After adding checkboxes to Woolly, I had a usable application for doing these rotations in 300 lines of code. Yellow are front-row players, blue are back-row players, and green are sidelined players. It still needs some work so that I can change player identifiers, substitute players in off the bench, save/load the rotations, and make print-outs.

I’m not sure yet whether I’m going to print just by slurping the OpenGL buffer into ZPNG, or if I am going to make a separate callback hierarchy for printing with Vecto or CL-PDF so that I can print at higher than screen resolution.

I’m also having trouble getting SBCL’s save-lisp-and-die function happy with the whole CL-OpenGL setup under MacOSX. I thought I had figured this out before. Alas, my own hacked version of CL-OpenGL isn’t working any better for me than the current CL-OpenGL release is when I try to run the saved image. *shrug* I’ll fight with that later.