Tidbits from the past month or two… March 15th, 2013
Patrick Stein

It’s been some time since I have posted here. Life has been busy. Until last week, I was working one and a half jobs after I transitioned out of getting paid to do C++ into getting paid to do Common Lisp.

I’m now working for Clozure Associates. It’s awesome.

And, on top of the awesome of getting paid to do Lisp, there was an added layer of awesome this week. I had dinner with some Clozure folk on Wednesday night in Boston. Cyrus Harmon happened to also be in Boston that day. News of Cyrus’s proximity triggered an impromptu Boston Lisp User’s dinner meeting. So, I met Zach Beane, Cyrus Harmon, Ben Hyde, François-René Rideau, Andrew Shalit, and Gail Zacharias all on the same day.

Zach is taller than I’d have thought. Cyrus isn’t Eastern European as I’d somehow believed him to be. Faré sounds just like I’d imagined in such an eerie way that if he had looked at all familiar I’d have believed that I’d seen him live or on video before.