Blackthorn 3D — Lisp game engine using USerial June 20th, 2011
Patrick Stein

Elliott Slaughter announced Blackthorn 3D, yesterday. Blackthorn 3D is a game engine crafted in Lisp using LispbuilderSDL and cl-opengl for graphics and usocket and userial for network play.

C- in MacOSX’s June 14th, 2011
Patrick Stein

After tonight’s TC Lispers Meeting, I had a renewed interest in figuring out why C-<right arrow> didn’t work for me in Org-Mode or Paredit.

After a whole bunch of running in circles, I have discovered a combination that works (with these clues). I have my TERM variable set to xterm-color. I configured the using its Keyboard settings to have it send the string “\033[1;5C” for C-<right arrow> and “\033[1;5D” for C-<left arrow>. (The “\033” is the escape key.)

This works for me even through screen.


USerial — v0.8.2011.06.02 June 2nd, 2011
Patrick Stein

I am releasing a new version of the USerial library. New in this version:

  • Fix (make-int-serializer) to be big-endian 2’s complement
  • Add :symbol and :keyword serializers
  • Add (make-vector-serializer)
  • Add (make-key-slot-serializer) and (make-key-accessor-serializer)
  • Add (define-serializing-funcall)


Quicklisp Win: Weblocks June 2nd, 2011
Patrick Stein

I was recently reminded of a presentation that I gave last year about Weblocks.

Here’s one slide from that presentation:

Today, I started from scratch in an empty account on an eight-year-old Linux box. I installed Quicklisp and used it to install Weblocks. I had a Weblocks server up and running in under three minutes.