Braille chords Emacs minor mode February 11th, 2015
Patrick Stein

I have been reading and writing a fair amount of Braille lately. Duxbury Systems has an excellent cheat sheet which outlines the different abbreviations used in Grade 2, English Braille. This is a great help to me when I am writing, but it is organized poorly for reading.

I started making myself an inverted version of that cheat sheet, but was quickly frustrated trying to type Braille on my QWERTY keyboard. What to do? I wrote some Emacs lisp code to allow me to type Braille characters into Emacs in the same, chorded manner that one would enter them on a Braille keyboard.

You can find the code on github: braille-chords.el. The documentation is comments at the top of the source file.

C- in MacOSX’s June 14th, 2011
Patrick Stein

After tonight’s TC Lispers Meeting, I had a renewed interest in figuring out why C-<right arrow> didn’t work for me in Org-Mode or Paredit.

After a whole bunch of running in circles, I have discovered a combination that works (with these clues). I have my TERM variable set to xterm-color. I configured the using its Keyboard settings to have it send the string “\033[1;5C” for C-<right arrow> and “\033[1;5D” for C-<left arrow>. (The “\033” is the escape key.)

This works for me even through screen.