rt v2.7.2007.05.17 May 17th, 2007
Patrick Stein

  • The documentation
  • The source code
  • The feature set now includes:
    • Phong shading, reflection, refraction
    • Functional textures (including textures generated by
      raytracing other scenes)
    • Cylinders (including spheres and cubes)
    • Quadratic surfaces
    • Regular polytopes
    • Halfspaces
    • Convex hulls of a sets of points
    • Extrusions of lower-dimensional objects
    • Intersections, unions, and complements
    • Different colors for k-dimensional subfacets
      of convex hulls and coxeter polytopes
  • Here are some sample images:
    • A stereo pair of slices of some 24-cells along with the input file. The vertexes (0-facets) are pink, the edges (1-facets) are dark gray, the faces (2-facets) are yellowish, and the facets (3-facets) are green.
    • Some 3-D polytopes with edges and vertexes colored differently and the input file.