Installed Quicklisp November 17th, 2010
Patrick Stein

I installed Quicklisp tonight. It was super-simple. In about 1/2 an hour, I got slime up and running and installed all of the packages that I regularly use.

It installs itself in a quicklisp/ subdirectory of your home directory. I didn’t really want it cluttering up my normal ls output, so I moved it to .quicklisp/ and updated my .sbclrc to refer to this new path. It had to recompile everything when I loaded it next, but it handled it gracefully.

It took me less than a minute to get slime set up. This is an improvement of about five hours and fifty-nine minutes over the previous time that I set up slime.

I definitely give my two thumbs up for Quicklisp.

Thanks, Zach!