Better Examples of Fourier Transform Painting September 10th, 2009
Patrick Stein

I have now added symmetry options to my Fourier Transform painting application. As PC pointed out in a comment to my previous post, examples with higher frequency information are more interesting. Here are some images of the background tile of this website. The magnitude is on the left and the phase is on the right. You can click them for the full-sized images.

This is the original:

squares_m  squares_p

This is the Fourier transform of the original:

squares_mf  squares_pf

This is my edited version of that transform. I wiped out lots of the off-axis frequencies. I tinted the center red. And, I added some green blotches along the diagonals.

squares_mfe  squares_pfe

And, here is the inverse transform of my edited data.

squares_mfei  squares_pfei